We provide a variety of household appliances, which are very helpful for your daily work, for example storing, cooking activities, cutlery, and others.

          We divide into 2 categories, namely basketry & storage, and kitchen utensil. There are displays of examples of our beautiful products on each product category page. Or, do you have your own dream design? Please contact us for further discussion.



Our basketry & storage tool products can be in the form of baskets, buckets, trays, boxes, bowls, jars, drawers, and other


They are very multi functional, as a place to store goods, laundry bags, fruit baskets, and plant pot covers. In addition, many are also used to place babies at photo shoots.


The strength of the wicker products, which is capable of loading a lot of goods, will also have no effect in removing the original shape of the basket.


Kitchen utensil is a small component but has a crucial role that is needed in the process of preparing, processing and serving food and drinks. Cooking is a routine activity for most people in the world.


Cooking activities consist of many techniques that are used to produce certain types of dishes. Cooking techniques are influenced by the completeness of the kitchen utensil you have. Even though you don’t have to have all types, there are still some types that are absolutely owned. Because of this role, its existence cannot be separated from everyday human life.


We provide a variety of kitchen utensil designs made from wood and natural fibers, both classic and modern designs.

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