Basketry & Storage

               Our storage products can be in the form of baskets, buckets, trays, boxes, bowls, jars, drawers, and others. They are very multi functional, as a place to store goods, laundry bags, fruit baskets, and plant pot covers. In addition, many are also used to place babies at photo shoots. The strength of the wicker products, which is capable of loading a lot of goods, will also have no effect in removing the original shape of the basket.


Banana midrib fiber.

Various baskets made from banana midrib fiber.

Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth which is considered a weed, we make beautiful basket products.

Mendong Basket

Mendong is a type of grass that lives in swamps, including members of the Cyperaceae tribe. This plant produces woven materials, one of which is our variety of baskets.


Indonesia is a producer of 80% of the world’s rattan, of course we will be able to compete in this natural material.


Our bamboo basket creations are very unique too, right?

Contact us for our more collection.

Teak Root

We also use wood waste raw materials to make storage areas.


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