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           Starting from a small wooden furniture workshop in Kediri named Primaduta, which was established in 2004, we always strive to learn and learn to be great. Long experience and struggle have made us successful in penetrating exports to the USA, as well as the domestic market.

            Starting from supply requests to the Netherlands since 2014, we developed our business to respond to market demand for eco-friendly home decor & small furniture products from wood waste and natural fibers, so Padmabayu Ethnica was founded in 2019.

               Our great hope is to be able to further expand the marketing reach of our products throughout the world, in an effort to save the earth & mankind, preserve the arts and culture of the Indonesian people and raise the economic standard of living of all parties involved in our business.


           To become the best and most competitive sustainable supplier and exporter of Indonesian products, in Indonesia and the world.


– Always innovate in preserving traditional Indonesian cultural arts to worlwide.
– Improve the economy of the company, all staff, local craftsmen and everyone involved in our business
– Produce the best products that still pay attention to and are responsible for the preservation of the environment and the people around it


Mr. Sutaryanto

CEO Primaduta Group

Mrs. Dwi Aristanti

CEO Padmabayu Ethnica & Business Development

Mrs. Widya

Production Manager

Ms. Revani

Administration Staff


                       Our production sites are in Kediri (2 acres), Malang & Yogyakarta. With experience in the field since 2004, we have produced wooden boat spare parts, and various types of furniture and home decor, for local and international markets.

                       We collaborate and empower local craftsmen and communities in every production process, from raw material procurement, sorting, coloring, to finished products. All raw materials used are 100% of Indonesia’s natural resources.

                       Most of our products are made to order, with custom designs, sizes, colors, materials, and others. If you have your own design, please contact us via email for further discussion. With pleasure, we can also discuss the procurement of sample products before we produce further purchase orders.


During the audit of the BEC program from CBI (The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Being one of selected SMEs for the ASE program, a collaboration between the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the National Crafts Council, the Indonesian Furniture & Crafts Association, & the BEDO Foundation.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

                  Padma Home Decor supports the core goals of sustainable development.We specifically contribute to some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including goal number 1, 2, 3, 8, 11, and 12.


                  We set aside a portion of the sales profits for social care, donations for the poor, orphans, disasters, the elderly, mental disorders, education, health, construction of places of worship, and others.

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